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Help Us Empower the People

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VSC is providing trauma-informed services to help survivors of crime heal from effects of victimization. Our services are vital during the ongoing COVID pandemic due to survivors' feelings of isolation, anxiety, uncertainty, depression, and grief.

When you make a donation to VSC, you are helping people heal from trauma. You are supporting a 24-hour hotline staffed by trained victim advocates who can help. Today, survivors of crime and trauma feel listened to, validated, and safe. A survivor of child abuse begins to understand it wasn't their fault. A trauma survivor is learning to handle PTSD symptoms.

Supporting VSC is an investment in a community resource and a safety net for people who need support to heal from the most painful experiences of their lives. Because of VSC's services, people are able to reclaim their lives. They are able to care for their families, go to school, and improve their daily function.